PRE-BLAST Independence Day Siege

Join the guys of F3 Savannah on July 4 for an Independence Day Workout. This will be open to your wives/girlfriends (husbands/boyfriends must be in attendance) and any children that can either keep up with our mosey (slow run) on feet or old enough to bike safely or be pushed in your jogging stroller. If this sounds like the Savannah Siege Convergence (we did in 2016), well it’s because it is similar to it. Stay tuned to the Facebook event page, our Facebook page or twitter for updates. Ruck-Friendly for those who wish to mosey this while wearing a rucksack (craziness! but doable).

Would love to hear from the Savannah F3 guys whether they can or cannot participate (HC below).

  • Where: Forsyth Park, near the Fountain. Look for a shovelflag
  • When: July 4, AD 2017
  • Time: 7:00am (come a few minutes early)
  • Distance: If I recall, it was like 2-2.5 miles at an easy mosey. We stop in squares to get a few reps of an exercise. If you are not a runner, you’ll be fine.

Great opportunity for the entire family and friends.

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