Hurricane Dora

Hurricane Dora formed off the west coast of Mexico this week.  Pretty weak storm overall, but YHC made some comment that all workouts this week should have some Dora routines.  Pretty sure no one else did that, and it only resulted in Twinkle suggesting that was a perfect opportunity for me to Q at Spark on Saturday.  Challenge accepted.


Disclaimer given

SSH * 30 IC

Chinooks * 15 each way IC

Lateral rotations * 15 each way IC

Don Quixote * 15

Imperial Walkers * 15


The Thang

Indian Run twice around the Daffin circle then over to the coupons.  6 PAX and 2 2.0s showed – this rendition of Dora required 1 coupon per 2 man team.

Partner up.

Dora:  Each team completes the below quantities of exercises cumulatively.  One partner runs to the second telephone and back while the other exercises.

  • 100 Lunges each leg while carrying the teams coupon
  • 200 Merkins with the coupon on your back
  • 300 Flutter Kicks with the coupon pressed above your chest
  • 400 Curls with the coupon

The goal was to not let your team’s coupon touch the ground.

Modifications were necessary for most teams, including YHC, but Twinkle and Salmonella stayed true to the workout.

Return the coupons.



Countarama, Namearama, Pledge, Prayer, Breakfast



  • 7/2 – YMCA national gymnastics competition tear down at the trade center.  Wear your F3 shirt to highlight the awesomeness of the Savannah Region
  • 7/4 – The Siege – Start at Forsyth at 7 am.
  • 7/4 – Doughboy invites all + families to his place for 4th of July food, festivities, and fireworks … courtesy of his neighbor.

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