Grey’s Anatomy

Sorry for the late post. This is a review of Grey’s Anatomy workout. This workout was easier than previous workouts in terms of intensity, but just as important. I incorporated a dynamic warmup, core stability exercises, shoulder rotator cuff exercises, and hip flexibility movements. I think that hip mobility is a good thing to incorporate into a program esp if you have a deficit in one area or another. Core stability can never hurt and it’s good that we did some posterior lumbar extensor exercises as well. I added these shoulder exercises for scapular stability and shoulder rotator cuff strength. Many time the shoulder external rotators and internal rotators are weak, which can start creating impingement and potential tears down the line. Best to address this now which could potentially prevent future injuries. Here is a list of what we did:

Dynamic Warmup:
– Mossy 1 lap
– Walking tin man (for hamstring mobility)
– Walking hug the knee (for hip flexion passive movement)
– Skipping tin man
– Skipping hug the knee
– Walking quad stretch
– Inch worms x5
– Lunges (standard lunge with focus on knee tracking and spine neutral position)
– Lunge with a twist
– Lunge with trunk lateral flexion
– Spider man walks
– Walking piriformis stretch

Core Stability (With focus on neutral spine position and engagement of Transverse Abdominus)
– Dead bug
– Plank 30 seconds, side plank bilaterally 30 sec, followed by front plank with challenging neutral position by lifting each extremity multiple times.
– Sorensen 1 minutes each person (The thing on the picnic tables where we sat on each others legs)
– Single leg bridges focus on core posterior chain stability, glut medium/max

Upper Extremity Exercises:
– T’s, Y’s, I’s with with red resistance bands (10x each for 2 sets)
– One set of Rows with shoulder external rotation (burnout set)

Hip Stretches (1 minute each):
– Hamstring stretch 1 min each leg on picnic table
– Quad/Hip flexor stretch (On back with one leg of the table performing quad stretch)
– Piriformis stretch (leg being stretched on the table)

I hope this was enjoyable for all who attended and I think this will be a good addition to the workouts. Even though some of the movements didn’t require as much effort we still had a good sweat due to the humidity. Next time I would like to add some foam rolling and more banded work. Thanks.

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