Cardiopulmonary Exercises

Not as humid in Savannah’s summers is like saying that a particular water is not as wet as it has been before (I don’t know, I’m trying, but it’s not working).

6 men showed up including 1 FNG that admitted to knowing Matlock. A full detailed disclaimer was given for his sake and apparently I detailed the “How we count” too much as I was given a “let’s just get started” remark from the PAX. Having had a summer thunderstorm the previous day/night it was decided that we should circle up in the asphalt to keep from getting diaper rash (this dad of recent twins reminded everyone that staying in wet diapers too long will cause diaper rash and the need for butt paste).


All 4ct IC: SSHx30; Squatx25; MNCx20; Merkinsx10; maybe some more…


Mosey around Traffic Circle back to flag to grab 3 sandbags (25ish, 40, 60) and a jumprope (which I found that we had a semi-professional jumproper in our PAX and not aware). Carried in a mosey to the running track and did the following with partners:

Station 1 – Pullup Bar

Station 2 – 40# and 60# sandbags. Lift and throw over shoulder and jump over bag. Every circuit each partner will change bags

Station 3 – Jumprope and 25ish# sandbag. The PAX with this bag will squat and high lift for 20 reps. This person is the one who pushes each group to the next station when reps are completed.

Station 3 goes to 1 – Station 1 goes to 2 – Station 2 goes to 3. We did this several circuits before collecting equipment and moseying back to Flag.

Having a few minutes left, we knocked out 10 Burpees OYO and 30 FK and 30 Freddy Mercuries.


CAR – NAR – Named FNG (Welcome Speck) – Announcements – Pledge – Prayer

Announcements made were that the new website is up and running and F3 Nation is transitioning today at noon to a new resource. ALL BACKBLASTS should be posted to F3SAVANNAH site. If you need a login, contact Twinkle.

Slack will remain our internal Chatter area. Twitter remains our means to share with the world what is going on.

Naked Moleskin

check out Hamm’s jump rope ability. AMAZING! Actually mesmerizing and almost hypnotic.

if you want more pax to post, answer a call about having what someone needs to do a home improvement project and have them get it from you at the next workout.

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