#RunClub first ever backblast

RubClub is moving on to bigger things.  From the dusty cobwebbed corner of Slack, all the way to the new F3 Savannah website.  The run only workout is here, or back, depending on how good your memory is.  YHC headed out this morning determined to improve on last week’s run that resulted in an early calf cramp.  Guppy cruised in to the AO, shrouded in fog and darkness, and ready to run.  After a lengthy discussion, it was determined the run would go down and out, rather than up and over.

During the run, the discussion ranged from training for a full marathon, the proper running shoes, hold children accountable and setting expectations, shower faucet repair and the satisfaction of updating 70 year old home features.  Here’s where we ran:

Moleskin:  One more convert to Strava, the new online hangout for F3 Savannah.  It’s a great way to stay motivated, to recognize each other’s effort, and to track your own performance.  Highly recommended by Hamm if you’re into fitness apps and the like.

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