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YHC was uncertain if he had volunteered to Q today’s workout.  When the other 2 that showed up blankly stared off into the darkness at 5:30, I decided I must have volunteered.  Disclaimer was given that this workout would probably suck because I hadn’t planned anything, but had been working on one in my spare time.


MNC ICx11, Chinooks (reverse) ICx10, LB Circles ICx10, 4CT Squats ICx15, Wind Mills ICx15, TTT ICx15


The Thang

PAX lined up in single file.  Bear Crawls were called for in a fashion that resembled an Indian Run.  The tail end bear crawled to the front while the rest of the PAX planked.  Continued for 50m.

Next 50m, Al Gore until the tail Lunges to the front.

Last 50m, Low Plank while the tail performs a burpee, broad jumps over the planking PAX (one at a time) while burpeeing in between each PAX member.

Modified DORA 123-

25 Merkins, 50 LBCs, 75 Squats, run 25m.  Rinse, Repeat x 4 until 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats burned.

Lastly we moseyed an extended suicide from peninsula to peninsula.


Pledge, Prayer, Dismissed

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