Grey’s Part 2


This workout involved some easier movements, but still important none the less. Some of these exercise I believe will help with running and have also been shown to improve with race times (esp the core and hip exercises). We included some different hip and rotator cuff exercises along with general mobility work. Here is a list of the exercises performed:

Side straddle hops
Moroccan Night clubs

Dynamic warmup:
Tin man
Hug the knee
Walking quad stretch
Inch worms
High knees
Butt kickers
Lunge with lateral trunk flexion
Backward lunge
Side shuffles

Partner up with the following:
Single leg step ups
Side Plank

Front plank
Monster Walk

Side plank
Single leg step-ups

Clamshells (or Sallie May)

Ended with stretching and foam rolling:
Hamstring stretch on the table
Piriformis stretch on table
Hip flexor stretch on table
Pec stretch on FR
Thoracic extension on FR

Thanks for letting me lead. The PAX: Twinkle, TupacTwo Pack, Guppy, Madeoff, Matlock


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