50 reps featuring 2pack

6 pax including a visitor back in the home town posted on a typical sticky Savannah July morning. I had been a while since YHC made it to a Saturday between vacation and the work schedule.  I saw a last minute opening to Q and decided it was the best way to jump back in.

Theme was the number of reps.  It was ambitious for some of the exercises.  Pax had already noticed the theme halfway through the warm-up.


SSH IC X25 (double counted to reach 50)

Moroccon nightclubs x 25 IC

Imperial walkers x 25 IC

LBC x 25 IC

Merkins x 25 IC

Mosey around the little circle (already received a warning about not having too much running on Saturday)

First of 10 pull-ups

Pick up the coupons with 10 shoulder presses followed by rows on each side followed by 10 lunges. This set was repeated 5 times across the field

10 more pull-ups

Moseyed to the picnic tables

25 tricep dips, 25 derkins

Moseyed around the pond

Repeated 25 tricep dips, then 25 “irkins”  to replace derkins

10 more pull-ups

Back to coupons

Bicep curls x 10, coupon swings x 10, lunges x 10 with set repeated 5 times back across the field

10 more pull-ups

Freddie Merurys x 25 IC, LBC x 25 IC, Flutter kicks x 25 IC, Pretzel crunch x 25 IC on each side

10 more pull-ups to complete 50

Moseyed back to the Flag for namarama, countarama, announcements,pledge, and prayer.

It was nice being back.  Great to have sand gnat visiting his home town from Charleston. Hopefully he will be back when in town.

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