Old Skool POAS

4 Pax including an FNG (to be named) gathered around the shovelflag this morning. Due to the FNG, the weinke was modified to assimilate and push. Remembering the recent Art of Manlineas and OBT mentioning how at a workout one may experience a POAS cadence in the workout the Q modified.

A detailed disclaimer was provided. A detailed approach as to what the FNG could expect and how IC counting works, etc was given. And just a good ole relaxed chatter at the beginning. We finally got started.


SSH x25; MNC x15; IW x15; LBC x25 and probably some other stuff.


Mosey down Oak Row stopping 1/2 way and knocked out 25 merkins each (100 total). Continued our mosey to the front of the historic Grayson Stadium at the flags and knocked out 75 squats each (300 total) and 15 Derkins (60 total) & 25 inckerkins (100 total). Moseyed on our way back down Oak Row stopping 1/2 way and knocking out 100 LBCs each (400 total). Made our way to the BTTW wall and did leg lifts. Having tired out the legs, we mosey’d to the picnic tables and found a clean spot to knock out some step ups and some other stuff too. Back to the shovelflag for a quick Mary.

CAR, NAR, Announcements, More Mumblechatter, Pledge then Prayer.


Bobby F-i-lay vs. Filet is how Torray came to be Filet. Left to Rainbow to Name.


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