National Jumping 4 Jellybeans

Q: Salmonella

Seven Pax greated the gloom in conditions favorable after a week of rain and Saturday thunderstorm. Ground is saturated which makes all activities on your six wet. We laid foundation tracks on four corners and decorated it with pain, something like a square pizza….

Moroccan Night clubs for 1 minutes until everyone found the circle….Wednesday penalties
Don Quixote 15 IC
Imperial Walkers IC 15
Merino IC 15
Mountain climbers IC 15
Flutter kicks IC 15

Mosey’d through the lot to the rocks, Q shared a story about Moses getting water from rocks while retieing his shoe.
The mosey continued to the big field in Wonderland. It was like fording a swamp to get there.

4 corners, build on each corner – we talked about the mission of F3
1stMerkins IC 25 first corner mosey to 2nd
2nd corner50 jump squats, 25 OYO merkins mosey to 3rd.
@3rd 25 American Hammers, 50 LBC’S, 25 Flutter kicks, 25 jump squats, 15 Merkins, mosey to 4th corner.

@4th. Side straddle hops IC 25, 50 American Hammers, 50 LBC’S, 50 flutter kicks, 20 Merkins, 15 jump squats

Mosey’d to first corner the back to goal center, paired up and did sprints to the other side…essentially cutting the square in halves. Slowest went first everyone finished together. Like it’s national O day….ironically it is…

Mosey’d to the side slice the pie into pieces, bear crawl across the field.

Mosey down a bit Tin Man’s across

Mosey a bit high knee sprints

Mosey a split but kicks down

It was kinda getting long strange and tippy so we lunged for the last cut…

Then circled up for some math, did 10 Merkins, YHC forgot to Q the remaining jump squats, but we bear crawled the circle instead.

With time to spare, YHC took them on a camping adventure, every man hit the wall, and conquered it like in their day to day journey.

Then we mosey’d back to flag.

We discussed F3, freed to lead, setting up a communication method, an advisory board to help navigate the Pooler group.

Encourage’d the Pax to think beyond the workout, what service project. We could accomplish in Pooler…find it guys

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