Crowdsourcing at the Hull

YHC took the Q as an incentive to wake his 6 up this morning and get to the workout. It worked and a loosely planned Q turned into a good overall workout at the Hull. The Pax used all areas of the park and seemed to enjoy themselves. That’s important, isn’t it.

A request went out on slack for any favorite exercises. Only one man responded. The thang:

20 burpees per slack request
15 Moroccan night clubs
15 through the tunnels
15 imperial walkers
15 4 Ct squats
10 slow count merkins

Round of Mary
10 flutter kicks IC
10 dollys IC
10 reverse crunches IC

Plank o Rama
Plank walk circle to right
10 mahktar Ndiaes IC
10 shoulder touches IC
Plank walk to the left

Mosey to amphitheater
30 dips oyo
30 incline merkins oyo
15 box jumps

Stairway to seven
Box jumps to top of amphitheater
1 burpee
Jump to top, 2 burpees and so on to 7

Circuit around the park (one lap is .25 miles)
Top of diamond – 20 reverse lunges
East point – 20 squat jumps
South point – 50 lbcs
West Point – 5 worlds worst push up IC
Pax completed 2 circuits


Great to meet Filet or Fil-et  however you choose to pronounce

Matlock – this backblasts is for you, even though you don’t believe in the internet

amazing to see 12 pax out for a Wed Hull Park workout  lets continue this turnout and get problematic


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