Soggy Bottom Boys

The 2 minute after the hour warning was called (never did that before but when only 4 men are in attendance, you are doing anything to stall just in case others will slowly come rolling in). At 10 minutes after the start time we were into our COP and warming up when a father & son rolled in and then eventually a FNG came.

The disclaimer was given twice, more thorough the second time.


SSHx30, MNCx15, TTTx(lost count due to latecomers arriving), DQx20, LBCx(who remembers due to everyone’s complaining of getting their shirts wet from the rain soaked ground), FKx20, HDx15, FKx20, Merkinsx10 and probably missed a few here and there.


Partnered Up. 4 cones spread out down the length of the field covering evenly the 80 yards. P1 – carry coupon to each cone, stop, drop and knock out 15 Burpees, rinse and repeat for all cones and leave coupon at the last cone. P2 – perform squats until P1 returns then fetch coupon and perform workout coming back. Swap Coupon Lanes when it comes back to P1 doing the Coupons. 3 cycles were done.

We then grabbed a coupon and lunged down to first cone as a group, swapped coupon, then on to cone 2, swap, cone 3, swap, cone 4.

Circle up and knock out 6 MoM routine. Carry cones and coupons back to vehicles and circle at flag to finish Mary off. Guest from Richmond “Rosie” offered suggestions and time was called.


We offered some announcements, CAR, NAR, named the FNG (Welcome Jelly Bean), Devotional, Pledged and Prayed.

Naked Moleskine

  • Kojac really likes being with us despite his grim appearance each morning.
  • Rosie from Richmond is not from Richmond Hill but Richmond, Virginia.
  • It’s fun to put words into Salmonellas mouth
  • Kojac has an interesting way of putting Sirarcha on his cheese omelet.
  • Jelly Bean’s Sponsor was a no show. I’m sure there’s something in the Lexicon for that type of person. Thankful Jelly Bean was man enough and had enough HIM in him to still show and stay. I won’t mention names on who the sponsor was.


(8) Jesus was zealous for the house of God. Jesus did not have a casual attitude about the house of God. When He saw merchants misusing the temple, He drove them out with a whip, turned over the tables and poured out the money (John 2:13-17). A man exhibits authentic manhood when he demonstrates zeal and enthusiasm for God’s house and contributes to its purposes. (10 Attributes Jesus Exhibited for Manhood)

Take-a-way: F3 is made of men who serve others as Jesus served others and as we are taught to example the life of Jesus serving others. Look out for others and do for others WITHOUT the neglect of your family or self. Look for opportunities to serve your wife/children, church, community, workplace and do it! Not only in the time of crises but in time of calm.

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  1. Betty Crocker

    YHC will own being a sponsor who no-showed for the FNG. Excuses abound … I should’ve been there. Welcome Jelly Bean!

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