A Beatdown of Biblical Proportions.

Monday August 7 started out with Nine Stalwart men and one FNG.  The Biblical proportions beatdown began.  Monday was exercises based on the history of both Moses and Joshua.  After claiming six cinder blocks, one sledge hammer and one forty pound sand bag, the group moved to the exercise field.

This was a round robin exercise day where we switched positions based on one man as he moved six cinder blocks from one location to the next.  The next station was lunges, then mountain climbers, then a sand bag throw, then beating the tire with said sledge hammer (which deuce later broke) then more lunges, then an al gore position with arms upraised and finally ended with more lunges.  As you can see, the cinder blocks relates to Joshua building an altar after the people of Israel crossed the Jordan river, the sand bag throw reminds us of Moses throwing the 10 Commandments at the people of Israel after he caught them worshipping a false god, the tire beatdown is Moses striking the rock to bring water to the people and finally the al gore is reminder of Moses sitting as he oversaw the battle.  As long as his arms were up, the people of Israel won.  As for the lunges and mountain climbers, well, how do you think that Moses got up and down the Mountain?

We finished back at the flag pole and FNG was then branded Ramses.

Wednesday August 9 was all Joshua.  After securing a log and two cinder blocks, five men moved to the exercise field.  As Joshua led the people of Israel around the city of Jericho for seven days, these men would go around the entire football field carrying the log and cinder blocks.  After each lap was complete, burpees were done.  Starting at seven and working our way down from there.  Four laps were completed and then returned to the flagpole for the pledge and prayer.

Friday August 11 taught us of the struggles of Christ as he was in the desert for forty days and then tempted by the devil.  11 men and boys indian ran for two minutes at a time and then did forty exercises after each run.  several men decided that the indian run would be more fun if they made it difficult for the trailing man to catch them, so lots of sudden changes in direction took place.  Exercises were too varied to remember, however, they included LBCs, burpees and lots of other wonderful ways to destroy, wait, I mean build up your body.

All in all, a powerful week to build each other up, to share the knowledge of our Holy Word and remember the powerful examples that are given to us from the leaders of our past.

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  1. f3salmonella

    Heard a sample of this would be at the tabernacle on Wednesday, looking forward to the Q delivering the sermon of pain!

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