How Long Are We Doing This

Out of the thick humidity 5 PAX emerged, wondering if there was anyone else around as the vision was blurred and not from sleepiness though several commented how hard it was to awaken this morning, but from the 100% humidity surrounding the ole’ Chicken Coop (a name we no longer refer to Daffin by since the roosters went silent some time ago coincidentally following a rugby tournament) but given some time, we found one another and circled up (not around the #shovelflag though it was present, but remaining on the side line near our parked vehicles).

The #mumblechatter already began early this morning keeping us from noticing that it was 2 minutes after but the conversation was so good and F3’s fearless founder would be glad to hear the ribbing going on amongst the brothers, forging friendships and brotherhood through name calling and wise remarks.

The COP was not much at all painful but more humorous. It did consist of SSH, TTT, IW and really by that time we had laughed enough we did not need any ab workout so we began.

The THE THANG became momentous when it began and wise comments were made when the coupons were selected (Sandbags consisted of 40#, 60# and Water Can starting out at 45.8# but seemed to have lost some water by the end). We mosey’d over to the pull up bars and running track. The coupons were left 400 meters from the pull up bars. Group 1 (consisting of the 2 higher pedigree men – a lawyer and a physician) began at the pull up bars. Group 2 began on the sandbags and watering can. This group consisted of a mountain man, a Major who had been deployed (who knew) and I’m sure looking to retire soon at the age of 30something, and me (someone trying to find out who he is in this life). The exercises were given and the clock began. This ran for 25 minutes.

The COT turned out to be even more enjoyable than the COP as we found out more about Major Will and knighted him into the Qship with the newly created title of CDQ. Having just listened to chapter 10 of Harrison Key’s book, The World’s Largest Man, I found this conversation and naming of the CDQ probably more enjoyable than the remaining PAX. Dr. Key is a Savannah College or Art and Design professor and infamous author known by many in our group. He has been threatened on numerous occasions to join us for a stroll one morning and his replies are only befitting for face to face conversations. But in our COT we did announce a few things, name a few things, pledged to the only thing worthy of being pledged to and we prayed to the One True God.

The NAKED MOLESKIN I feel has been said in what has been written. Shall more be said? It always could. But for now, the CDQ, the man who also seemed to carry less than the rest, for those of us who have that other friend and wishes he would just come out, the question of how does water leak from a water tight container, and many more quips will remain silent and hidden for those who were in attendance this morning.

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