Soggy Socks

The Q arrived just in time to run through the field to place 4 cones, one American shovelflag and one F3 Nation shovelflag. These were to be used for the planned workout. PAX commented on the fact that I was actually running, that I was devising a plan in my head as I was running around and that I was dropping weinkes along the way.

Hushed I said and circle up and instruction was needed on how to properly form a circle and how the shovelflag was to be the center of the circle and the Pax should space themselves a part so they are all equally distant to one another around the center of the circle. A light seemed to turn on and the men got it.

During the disclaimer which, yes, took some time and it could have been said that it was to help the FNG who showed his face after many EH attempts (ABH men) and yes it was a detailed disclaimer but it mostly took longer than usual due to the fact that the mumblechatter began earlier than usual and the conversation was random*.


Only being able to quiet everyone with the first exercise it was called LOUD “SSH, IC, Starting Position, Exercise!” Following it with some IW, Chinooks, AH, BBSU, Merkins, LBCs, Squats. Mosey’d to the Running Trail and up to the city provided football goal posts where we lined up and did Tin Mans, High Knees, some sort of speed skating thing that stretched us real nice, bear crawls to the goal post (about 40 yards of bc).


Having mosey’d to the F3 Nation shovelflag. An aerial shot would have shown what was supposed to be a starfish to look more like some 10th grade geometry shape which one was supposed to measure unequal, unsymmetrical lines which formed a shape, but in my mind, it was a STARFISH as this was going to a starfish workout utilizing the 4 cones and the American shovelflag as the STARFISH legs and the F3 nation flag as the center of it all. Each leg had 3-4 written cards with an exercise consisting of SQUATS, More BURPEES, MERKINS, LBCs, PLANK, AH, DEALERS CHOICE. At the F3 Nation Flag, 10 Burpees were required. With the time left, we were able to do 7 legs and audibled the final set of Burpees to 15 and done 6CT IC.

About 100 Burpees were completed (this included someone pulling the More Burpees card at a leg. When the Dealer’s Choice card was pulled for the second time, Shoulder Taps  was called and someone accidentally said, does that include pushups and the PAX quickly corrected him and grumbled, the Q took it upon himself to lead the PAX to choosing the harder thing and we did the Shoulder Tap Merkins 6ct IC.


Relieved that the Q called last set of Burpees and Red Ryder audibled the audible of doing 15 instead of 10 to doing the 15 IC 6ct. Thanks for providing that accountability that we would all finish strong, we mosey’d back to the American Flag shovelflag and picked up the Starfish legs on the way.

CAR – NAR – Naming FNG (welcome Toga who was originally named Aquaduct but Pax convinced of a name change to Toga before we closed the time) – Announcements – Pledge – BOM

  • Join POOLER this Saturday at FPC Pooler as they look to begin  Saturday workout. 0700hrs.
  • Join Richmond Hill on Wednesday at Gregory Park for a soft launch. Time was not given so I assume 0530hrs. Look for blueish purple 201_ Ford Explorer and a shovelflag. Something about a second parking lot was mentioned too.


9) Jesus lived to serve others. “For even the Son of man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45, ESV). A man exhibits authentic manhood when he allows God to use him to serve others. Application: Apply as seen fit in your life but don’t forget your Family in your service. #ThirdF

Naked Moleskine:

* (random COP conversations) “why the long sleeve mudgear shirt Salmonella”, “why was Red Ryder here”, “why is Red Ryder wearing sleeveless shirt”, “if you showed up for Monday’s workout you would have seen that Two Pack now has an official F3 Savannah Ironclad shirt and today was not the first day to show it off”.

When the humidity is as thick as it was today, the odor from a SHART hovers and you can almost see it in the cloud.

Kotters to Bassinet.

Conversations dealing with fruit would not be appropriate for our family rating blog post.

Here are several definitions from the Lexicon which related to today’s workout. Could have added more, could have left some off. But I did what I did because what I do is what I will.

CORE PRINCIPLES: F3’s only rules, that every Workout must be:

1. Free of charge
2. Open to all men
3. Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
4. Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
5. End with a Circle of Trust

DOUBLE DIGIT MIDGET: A Workout (or other Event) at which 10 or more PAX Post. Abbr: DDM.

KOTTERS: Greetings of welcome to a man who Posts to a Workout after a prolonged absence.

MIDWIFE NOISES: Groaning, moaning and other verbal utterances heard during a Workout when the Q turns the Beat Down up to eleven.

QDRENALINE: A biochemical released into the body only at times when one Qs a workout, thereby causing said Q to be run faster, lift heavier, and talk louder than at any other time. In excessive doses, it can cause the Q to become overzealous and lead to an excessive amount of mumblechatter from the Pax.

SHART: Unwisely breaking wind during a Workout without full assurance of a dry  Outcome.

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