Fish Fry – A Burping Good Time

Theme Week – F3 Pooler has done a round of theme weeks in the past couple of months.  Doughboy had a logs and ruck week to introduce those of us not familiar with the CSAUP nature of rucking and his level of mental disorder.  Deuce had a Superhero inspired week full of workouts that even Superhero’s would moan & groan about.  Backstreet did a celebrity inspired workout week to work on our Hollywood bodies.  And Friar Tuck led workouts of Biblical Proportion that involved altars, wandering, and plenty of temptation to quit.

YHC took the challenge and is cooking up some workouts to satisfy the appetite we all have, which is obviously to sweat, curse, and question why we do this before the sun even rises 3-4 days a week.  Obviously it’s because we like each other so much.

Today was a Fish Fry, only instead of fish, shoulders were getting fried.  And with any good meal, we all tend to burp a few times.  So YHC threw in some burpees since the meal was so delicious.


SSH IC * 30

Moroccan Nightclubs for ~60 seconds

Chinooks IC * 12 each direction

TTT * 15 IC

5 Dive Bombers

The Thang

Mosey’d to the coupons to retrieve 5 cinder blocks.  Partner up (4 groups, YHC went solo).

Catch Me If You Can routine … Partner 1 does 15 burpees while Partner 2 does Bears & Blocks.  After the burpees, P1 runs to catch up with P2, flapjack.  P2 now does 15 burpees while P1 does Bears & Blocks.

Continue the cycle counting down to zero the amount of burpees each time

Total burpee count per PAX: 120

Total Bear & Block Distance: >2 parking lanes

Total curses of the Q:  Too many to count


CAR, NAR, Announcement, Pledge, Prayer

Post-CoT announcement – We forgot to talk about the upcoming F3 Pooler workout at Pooler Presbyterian Church, Saturday, 8/19, 7am.  Coffeeteria afterwards, location TBD.

Welcome back GeekSquad … glad to finally meet you.

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