Like two families, one kinsman of Escalus Mercutio and the son Montague aka Romeo, and his cousin Benvolio… what wrong year, also this occurred in the coastal region of Georgia not Italy….The Brodmann’s and the Tharpe’s united, two per family, fuzzy, doughboy, salmonella, and FNG TBN 2.0 rucked or rode the stroller. One of the cousins tried to switch places with YHC 2.0, who quickly said no, this my seat. It was a good neighborhood ruck, a true testament of brotherhood, like community brothers had back in 421 years ago, we all admitted we didn’t really want to be there but are too dedicated to each other to not show up. YHC, really contemplated, yet it was the intriguing pre post about a jury duty that lead the crew. Great time rucking, 2.0 said daddy tomorrow let’s go again.

3.83 miles rucked, we ate and took naps, probably disqualified for father of the year but we had a good time.

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