We shuffle faster that we post BB

YHC is eternally in debt to the shuffle.  This little workout inspired me to start running again, showed that I could conquer distances longer than 3 miles, and led to the purchase of at least 2 pairs of running shorts.  With that gratitude in mind, YHC decided to Q. Little did we know, a long lost kotter and a FNG would both make their appearances this gloomy morning.
5 traits of an F3 workout
4 ct squats x 15 IC
calf raises, 10 each side OYO
Peter Parker stretches, 10 each side OYO

800M Easy
30 merkins
800M Medium
20 backward lunges
800M Hard
30 flutter kicks, IC
800M Hard
Plank for 6
800M Medium
30 Merkins
800M Easy

3 miles and some nice station work
Moleskin: Great to see Cold Call again. It had been a year, and he only came once, but he was not forgotten as the man that joined our workout randomly after being asked by Sal as he was already running. We thought the fireman carries would keep you away. Turned out you worked in Effingham.
Great to have Sand Bar on board. You shuffle like a true shuffler. Whatever that means. Hope you keep coming out.

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