1st F Q Returns for RH Soft Launch

We took a non traditional approach for a softer launch, due to the guys committing that they love the idea but the time thing. So we have one dedicated Pooler pax that lives there, an FNG that wants it in RH with lots of friends who will bring more and is a community H.I.M. for the coastal empire.  Timing worked that YHC’s 2.0 was able to attend, and another opportunity for another true H.I.M. to hit another home run for the third or fourth AO location launch, thanks Cachaca for the 45 minutes of nearly having the rest of us merlot….We called the 2.0 gator the entire time, who he told his teacher to call him gator today…is that the official name…


MNC, Chinooks, Imperial Walkers, TTT, All done IC to 20, then SSH IC to 50 mosey’d to stop sign by the helicopter pad.

The Thang

10 burpees, then bear crawl to a tree that seemed a lot closer when looking out there but it was really a long way

9 burpees, then crab walk back, who is this guy Q’ing

8 burpees, then lunged down there to that tree 7 burpees and lunged the six back to the starting line

6 burpees then flutter kicks for a long time, unfortunately there was no Asian accent nor did we feel the love

5 burpees then LBC’s for a number

We reviewed the 5 core principles, until

With the Pax shaking, wet, and a little confused we were lead to the seafood feast shed, hoping for ceviche the Q dished out wind sprints some sprinting routine, first 50%, then 75%, the two at 100%…YHC pushed a stroller, grateful Friar tuck took a turn letting gator fly through market.

Step ups on a bench for long time and dips, rinse repeat

Mosey’d 400 meters

Atomic Crunches while partner did side lunges

COT – Lead by Friar Tuck, who took the Q for next Wednesday at the Tabernacle.

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