Circle O’ Merkins

PAX: DQ, Deuce, Friar Tuck, Brady Bunch, Radar, Tumbleweek, Doughboy, Backstreet


30 Side Straddle Hops

15 Thru da Tunnels

10 Don Quixotes

15 Imperial Walkers

5 Merkins


Da Thang:

Since it is theme week I thought I would bring a little bit of my hell to our group here in Pooler. Dante’s Inferno seemed like a good analogy so I decided to start the group off with one of my worst exercises….Merkins. I absolutely hate Merkins because I am not good at them by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, the PAX moseyed to grab a couple of coupons and three of the timbers we have lying around. The timbers were evenly distributed around the parking lot. The rest of the stuff was brought back to the flag and the workout went something like this:

  • Cindies in the four Cardinal directions with empty spaces in between each one. This would form “The Circle”.
    • N = Off Centered Merkins X 5
    • NW = Diamond Merkins balanced on a medicine ball X 5
    • W = Inclined Merkins X 5
    • SW = T-Pushups
    • S = Off Centered Merkins X 5 (Opposite arm as N)
    • SE = Clap Merkins X 5 (Push up into a clap)
    • E = Declined Merkins X 5
    • NE = Spiderman Merkins X 5
    • Extra PAX member in center with regular Merkins X 5
  • Each PAX member grabs a space alternating from cindy to empty space until we are all in a circle “planking”
  • Each man performs the 5 Merkins and once finished stays planking while shuffling on hands to next station
  • Each station once then start moseying to rest

Between this “Circle O’ Merkins” I kept the PAX moseying to the Timbers and had three men on each timber. Planking with their front hands on the timbers they needed to roll in unison about 10-20ft. This was rather difficult so we moseyed to a different group of activities.

Broke the PAX up into four stations: Jump Rope, Bear Crawls, Planks, and Farmer’s Carry (FC). The FC set the pace for the activity and they had to run about 1000m down and back. All the while the other groups exercised the entire time. Upon returning with the coupons the groups rotated. This lasted for one cycle.

With plenty of time left I had the group go through the whole routine one more time. Starting with the “Circle O’ Merkins”, then the timber roll, and finally the 4 station rotation. We always joke about these workouts look better on paper than in reality and I will say I absolutely agree. This workout was hard and I hated it. I am so glad these men were there to “enjoy” it with me.


We ended with Number-rama and Name-o-rama. Announcements, pledge, and prayer followed this. Overall this was a great start to the week and look forward to bringing the PAX back for my next level of hell/pain with lunges/squats.

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