Savannah Mountain Running

Two nights ago, Guppy took to slack and proposed a 7miler over the Savannah Bridge. Typically the club hits a 5.5 mile out and back, over the hill-less Savannah concrete jungle. There was some debate over a start time with two pax needing to be at home by 0630. A 0500 start time was decided. Two pack summed it up best.

Well, we all did it to ourselves. 6.75-7 miles, depending on your faulty GPS. Two great climbs up the Savannah bridge. One on the way over and one on the way back. Completed in just under an hour. Saw a number of runners out there. Traffic made it a hairy affair, but we were properly lit and vested.

Thanks Guppy for pushing the club, thanks TwoPack for your relentless consistency in showing up, no matter what is suggested.

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