I want to ride my bicycle

The below is actually true, though it was completely neglected as part of the mumblechatter this morning, probably because it was too early for me to think clearly.  Was just happy that I showed up on time.  But there was a reason that YHC chose this workout.

YHC was downrange for a work trip last week in the jolly land of the UK.  With all work trips, I like to do as the locals do, so naturally, that meant going to the pub.  In this particular pub, there is a picture of none other than Freddie Mercury.  Photo evidence below … as well as proof that it was indeed a British pub.  As a result, YHC was inspired to do a Freddie Mercury based workout, but how else could I do that without just doing actual Freddie Mercury’s for 45 minutes?  Enter a new workout supplement, not really a coupon since we didn’t carry it though.  YHC brough his bike to the workout this morning.

For those that don’t know (which this blew me away that people didn’t know this), the reason bicycle abs are called Freddie Mercury’s is because Freddie Mercury was the lead singer of the band Queen who sang the classic song Bicycle Race.  Though not my favorite Queen song (hard to argue that Bohemian Rhapsody isn’t the best, though We Will Rock You/We Are the Champions may be more well known), it is still instantly recognizable.

Also, if you make it to the UK, the Spitfire is a great beer, even though it served at basically room temperature.


Side Straddle Hop * 30 IC

Moroccan Nightclub * 15 IC

Imperial Walkers * 15 IC

Through the Tunnels * 15 IC

Indian Run to the coupon area. Retrieve 1 cinder block per PAX

The Thang

Circle up.  1 PAX breaks from the circle and rides the bike as the timer for each exercise below.  The route is from the coupon area to the back parking lot behind the stadium, around the perimeter of the parking lot, and then back to the circle.  Distance ~ 0.5 mile.

Remaining PAX ‘cycle‘ (pun intended) through the below exercises performing 1 exercise per bike round, rotating through who rides the bike as the timer:

  • Jump Squats
  • Crunchy Frogs
  • Merkins with the first 5 being Plyo Merkins (explode up to get hands off the ground)
  • Back 2 back wall sits
  • Heavy Freddie’s (had to work in Freddie’s somehow)
  • Blocktonamo

The PAX completed 1.5 cycles.


CAR, NAR, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

The PAX unanimously decided that Monday’s workout would be at 0630 hrs since it is Labor Day and all stated they were off work.  Bring your 2.0’s.

9/9 – 3rd F opportunity with the Pooler Fire Dept.  For details, talk to Salmonella and Doughboy

Prayers for the children who’s parents were taken in a small plane crash earlier in the week.  They attend Savannah Country Day and lost both parents.

Naked Moleskin

Our height differences (Tumbleweed <<< Glowstick) generated a few complaints when it comes to bike seat height.

Deuce noted that the bike is overdue for some maintenance, particularly a little lubrication.

A few of us mentioned that a full out bike ride workout would be new and different.  F3 Charlotte has a ‘Gears’ workout.  A poll of which Pooler PAX have a bike may be coming.


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