Thunder paused

Thunder paused. The damp overly saturated swamp resembling ground greated a pax of 10. One pax ran six miles to get there, for an epic remix paying homage to past. Kiss keep it simplicity simple.

Morrocan Night Clubs, Imperial Walkers, TTT, DQ, Apollo’s, Merkin, American Hammers.

Mosey’d to redryder, who ran six miles to join the warmed up pax.

The Thang
We arrived at oak row 7 burpees, 25 flutter kicks IC, merkins IC 7, Freddy Mercury’s IC 20, 10 mountain climbers,  LBC 25 oyo, 10 4 count squats. We then moseyed a fee rows led by stingray and chompers UGA V’s oldest 2.0’s

RINSE Repeat 4 times.

Indian run to the little field, found treasures.

Station rotation coupon carrying, more burpees, some mary, 45 lb goblet squats, some mary, while one ran water jugs the other ran a sand bag, two life supports mosey’d down to stretch legs, essentially the pax on deck.

We figured we were at 59 burpees, our pax hamm who was oot requested lots of burpees, so we mosey’d to the swing set, knocked out 11 burpees, then 11 burpees pull ups to get to 81.

Mosey’ing home we picked up coupons dropped them at the blue chariot.

Two pack led Mary for captain thors that peeked at 5/20 and boat canoes until everyone groaned.


Toga shut us down with his humbled prayer.

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