Suicide Shuffle

Wanting to mimic a typical Friday Shuffle, but YHC hates the Shuffle, a modification was called for:


MNC (ICx15), TTT (ICx15), Windmills (ICx15), Chinooks (ICx10, reverse), Merkins (ICx10)

The Thang

Line up for a suicide run to peninsulas.  YHC wanted to push the faster runners, so a challenge was put out that if Brady Bunch was 1st back to the starting line we would all run the suicides again.  Challenge accepted and Brady Bunch gave it his all, but was outdone by the younger Tumbleweed.  So for his reward we lined up and ran the suicides again anyway.

Blocks were retrieved and moseyed to football fence for some count off Wonderbras.  Holding airchairs with block in laps for 45 secs.  Raise block overhead for countarama, hold block straight out for countarama.  Rinse and repeat (x3).

Line up for Blockicides: shuffle with blocks to 1st peninsula for 20 squats and 20 kettlebells, shuffle back to start for 10 blockees.  Shuffle to 1st peninsula for 15s, then on to 2nd peninsula for 20 merkins and 20 curls.  Back to the start for 10 blockees.  Shuffle to 1st for 10s, 2nd for 15s and 3rd for 20 reverse crunch with block raised and 20 standing chest rows.  Finished with 10 blockees.  The PAX does seem to get a little fuzzy on math around this point.

Returned the blocks and lined up for one last suicide run.  Challenge put out that if Tumbleweed wins, we run it again.  I think he held back, several beat him in.


Countarama, namearama, Named FNG- Flat Tire (respect), announcements, prayer.

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