12 pax for a Saturday shindig

YHC was expecting a small crowd, as has been the recent trend. Surprised to see 12, including some FNGs, waiting that morning.

30 SSH
15 4 count squats
15 hillbillies
5 Mountain climbers 5 merkins
10, 10
5, 5
20 flutter kicks 6inch 20 flutter kicks

Pull up challenge – pax does the number of merkins and squats for every pull up each man does. Every Pax went to the pull up bar. High number was 20.

Mosey to cage. Pull out 8 blocks and two 100 lb trolley track rail. Q attempted to incorporate everyone’s competitive nature. Poor explanation of rules sunk the competition, but it was still hard.
Each team of 12 has to move the rail by flipping it 25 yards and back and the blocks. Only one item could be moved at a time. One team probably cheated, but the rules were so murky, who could tell.

10 burpees for everyone.

Stayed in groups of 6. Two pax would flop the tie and do burpees while the other four did curls, presses, and squats with the blocks. Repeat until every team member gets a turn with the rail.

Mosey back to flag, 10 minutes of Mary. Every Pax called an an workout. 12 exercises in total. YHC has no idea what was called but my ribs are sore two days later, so we did do a lot of American Hammers.

Great to name some FNGs. Welcome PushaMan, Sparky, and Kneivel.

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