Four filled until full at fuel in field

http://Cop MNC, half jacks, Don Q's TTT  Mosey  Coupon Station   S1 water toat 100 yard field to pole and back,   S2 American Hammers with 10lb ball  S3 65# pick n hold,  S4 sandbag squats 40lb Mosey 100 yard to the pole  Upper field feeling the fuel Merkin clap oyo x 7, LP,  LBC's x 25, HPlank, Mountain climber ic 15,  Carolina drydocks ic 7, LP, Freddy Mercury x 25 each leg Lightpole lunges, crouching spider/air raides/metadone IC 7, lunges to the next pole, bear crawls to the next light pole turtle trot to copouns.  S1 water toat 100 yard field drop or pick up at light pole   S2 Vups on S1's way to pole, American Hammers with 10lb ball on runners way back S3 65# over hear press on runners way to pole, pick n hold on the way back S4 sandbag squats 40lb  Return coupons to ole' blue  Full Mary 50lbs, 40 Freddy, 30 flutter kicks, 20 hello dolly, 30 second fetal position, then 1 minute leg at 6 inches for past a minue.  COT Flutter kick challenge to start you gotta sign up look up on slack.  Saturday Tybee each clean up, thisbis to help to put out silk fences to slow the deterioration

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