Eye Candy

Hamm arrived moseying down Atlantic then planted the flag in the ground firming claiming Hull park as our Wednesday morning work-out space. We were not the only ones there with a couple of women that were also in the gloom even earlier than the five of us. After some chatter about the fact that we were not alone in the gloom the work-out began a few minutes late. Disclaimer was declared presumed based on the lack of FNGs. Matlock seemed to nod indicated that this was legally sound.

SSH x 30 IC
Moroccan nightclubs x 30 IC
Imperial Walkers x 30 IC
Don Quijotes x 30 IC
LBC x 30 IC

Moseyed around the park then to the swings
Divided into two groups
One group sprinting to home plate in back
The other did marking on with feet in the swing then switched to reverse crunches on the swings as the sprinting group returned
This combination was done with each group sprinting 3 times

Another mosey around the park to the splash pad/steps where the 2 women were working out
After requesting to share the area with them, they seemed less impressed with the PAX than we were of ourselves and quickly proclaimed they were finished and about to leave

20 Tricep dips
Box jumps up the stairs
20 flutter kicks
Bear crawl down the hill
10 burpees
This sequence was then done in reverse up the will and down the stairs

Lined up in plank position
Diamond merkins x 10 IC
Lunged in a line to the first lightpost
Peter Parker merkins x 10 IC
Lunged to the next lightpost
Regular Merkins x 10 IC
There was discussion about diamond peter parkers, however YHC felt that arms and chest were not in a position to try and will be left for next time

Another mosey around the park and repeated the routine up the stairs, down the hill and back again

Final mosey around the hill and back to the flag
Matlock paid back 10 bupees that he missed earlier
Ended with COT

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