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PAX: Matlock, Guppy, Two Pack and UGA V

1 minute warning was given and it looked like it would just be Guppy, Two Pack and YHC. Two Pack said Matlock was not going to make it and right before I was about to switch from my planned workout to a 5 miler for standard. (Per Twinkle’s new plan of being able to run 5 miles at standard at any time, at least when his wife tells him.) Matlock came walking up out of the gloom and was ready to go!

Warm-up: Chinooks ICx15 reverse, Imperial Walkers ICx15, Flat, slap jacks ICx15

The thing:

1 mile ending by the play ground

10 burpees with jumping pull-ups OYO

400m sprint

20 walking lunges x2

400m sprint

Derkins (feet on swing) ICx10

400m spring

Single leg broad jump 3×2 each leg

400m sprint

End by flag for some trunk strengthening

Flutter kicks ICx15, V-ups ICx10 each side, 30s low plank, single leg climbs ICx10 each side, single leg bridge 30s hold each side, American hammers ICx15, Cobras x10 OYO

Countarama, Namarama, BOM

Prayers for Guppy to be given wisdom and courage to know steps to take and then walk in them as the Lord opens doors.

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