Starting to flutter

Pax of 3.  2 of us with sore legs from either long runs or this weekends sand bag lunges.  Marathon training notably impacting our attendance.  Work-ou as follows to best of memory.


SSH x 20 IC, Chinooks x 2 IC, Through the tunnel x 20 IC, IW x20 IC, LBC x 20 IC

Flutter kicks x 50 IC

Mosey down oak row and back

Wall sits to slow 10 count

BTTW presses x5 to decline merkin x5, regular merkins x5

Wall sits to another 10 count

Back up the wall with merkins/presses

Flutter kicks x 50 IC

Mosey to retrieve the coupons

Coupon rowsx20, curls x 20, sit-ups x 20, then lunges with the  coupon down the field then repeat the set

4:1 squats:pull-ups to 5:20

Flutter kicks x 50 IC

Shoulder press x 20, Cinder block merkins x 20, lung back across the field then repeat the set

Matlock insisted on completing the 200 flutter kicks so led 50 more IC


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