Bunker’s Mulligan

Bunker mulligan’d though with enough notice that YHC was able to go back and remember the fundamentals which he had driven so hard into the regular Grey’s Anatomy group that between the 3 of us, we were able to come up with a prescribed stretch and mobility routine. Having Bunker’s presence there does add that element of comfort, but we are always being called to leave our comfort zone and enter into the zone where we must rely on something or some ONE (the One) that can sustain us through the discomfort.

3 Pax met while the others fartsack’d for Grey’s Anatomy. We got on our regular routine of warming up the muscle groups, stretching the muscle groups, relaxing the muscle groups.

What we came up with worked. Red Ryder was very needy today. Two Pack remained steadfast and immovable. YHC was accepting of the fact that I could actually say, “I’m not a professional” and hoped that I didn’t cause someone to have detrimentally hurt themselves.

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