Friday Shuffalufagus

It’s running season in Savannah, whether the ruck-heads want to admit it or not.  Humid and 68 degrees is a lovely way to run.  YHC is in the midst of cramming in some half-marathon training, after taking a work and injury-related month off in September.  The Friday shuffle is the perfect opportunity to sneak in some speed work.  That said, the thang:

400M warm up jog
25 merkins, 25 squats, 25 lbcs

800M intervals (easy, medium, hard – according to your own pace)

Easy 800
30 merkins, 30 lbcs, 30 lunges
Medium 800
Plank-a-rama for 3 minutes
Hard 800
60 sec. rest
Medium 800
20 squats, 30 merkins, 40 flutter kicks
Hard 800
30 second rest
Easy 800

3.25 miles total

Moleskin:  Good to see Sandbar out there.  Learned a lot about piloting shipping barges into the Savannah port.  Two Pack always inspires in his timeliness and perfect attendance.  His dedication has been motivating as I am working to get back into training for the race.

BOM, Prayer – focus on patience , wisdom, and humbleness in all we do.

Hamm out.

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