Barricades Mugging the pax of at least one of the B’manns clan from posting, yet four manly sub 6′ foot made it happen.
The weather sweltering drag your six. The Police had all but the Waters/Victory diagnal entrance to the circle blocked off for so thing that might be Google-able..

We learn simple can beat you down do the best you can do, try to maintain or improve each station.

Gathered coupons fellowshiped

Warning push it don’t wreck, your own your own, YHC ain’t got s you ain’t already got, just a suggestion push yourself to the limit of something might happen.

MNC, IMPERIAL walkers, TTT, SSH, daClapjax, all done collectively IC to random numbers between 10 – 20

The Thang

So we had a 10 lb ball, 40lb Sandbag, 65 lb of dumbness, home plate, and some distance. YHC forgot to start the Garmin Tracker it would have been awesome.

Maybe 50 yards x 6 (300 total) Runner set the standard of how long we did each station, 10lb American Hammers, 40lb over the head toss burpee, 65lb dumb gobletish squats. Rinse repeat times 3.

Guppster dropped by after 1/5 of his planned mosey…

Fellowship stroll to pole.

Lunge burpee from pole to repositioned cone, then acid frog, (broad jump then burpees). daPusherman got ninga leaps, brother jumps 7 nine in air sails 9 feet who ever Q’s y’all gotta see this…

Fellowship stroll to benches

20 dips, 10 derkins, 50 flutter each leg 100 total

40 dips, 20 detkins, 100 flutter kicks each leg 200 total.

Fellowshiped back to station, one round each

HIGH plank 10 seconds, 1 mekrin, high plank 20 seconds, 2 merikins, HP30 3 mekins.
Cobra, superman, Cobra
Hip flex stretch, switch, flop, switch.


Toga’s M is a gonna branch his tree with a male 2.0 in 11, on or around 11/2…

UgaV and 1 UNO tucked after their ruck duo ruck. Plan changed for two scheduled, chappens.

Y is having a Zumba thing today.
On 11/11 is veterans day, the Y has a Ruck On, hoping some pax show up for that.

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