Muggy with a Chance of Merkins

Seven showed for a muggy Monday in the gloom.  80deg, 100% humidity, and not a trace of a breeze at 0530.  Perfect for an upper body beatdown.


15 chinooks in cadence.  Flapjack.
15ish Don Quiotes
30 side straddle hops
Planks with dive bombers

The Thang

Moseyed to the pavilion to use the pull-up bar and picnic tables.  Started out attempting a wave of merkins.  With everyone holding high plank, we each went down the line doing merkins.  First one, then two… all the way to ten.  Mixed in some diamond, wide arm, and stagger merkins.  55 total to get the heart pumping.

Next up, partnered up for stations: 20 pull-ups, 20 dips, 20 squats, and 20 LBCs.  Repeated the circuit 3 times.

Last was a pyramid of merkins and WWIIs.  One merkin, flip to your six and do one WWII.  Flip back to do two merkins followed immediately by two WWIIs.  Went up to ten, then back down to one.  Deceptively simple and effective.  100 total of each if my calculations are correct.


Headed back to the flagpole for counterama, namerama, announcements, pledge and BoM/prayer.

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