Cooler hands 4 horseman Big Small Coupon

We were teased with howling winds Monday night, and a fair amount of Twitter activity that we might be joined by others. The wind died down no trees fell, and the mumble chatter was put to rest. We hear there was a sitting of Pyro at the HPRC, and we believe them. The four horsemen showed up to show out to a cool 51 degrees big blind little blind or little blind big blind, gambling on the time hack the pack pushed it faster and faster. There were some psychedelic lights, buses, 10lbs balls and 40lb sandsacks.

Warning – Establish’d the Q battles a voice change woke up at 5:11, made it to the site with shoes untied, the pax stated it was cold waiting but they were kind.

The Thang

Rucking faster with copouns, we would have gone for 4 had we started on time. The neighborhood watch commander saw suspect activity and requested the Pax take a new route looking for a the cars that met a random dude in the street, the first at 9:38 the second moments later.  Luckily, no one was hurt, and the Q’s car was not broken into after hours.

We looped Meadowlark, then trailed on forward, the first pax carried the ball, the second Pax carried the sandbag for about 5 minutes, then rotations occurred, pax had to carry the ball then the bag in that order.

When we saw time was drawing near we cut another loop, once we were back on brown thrush we shuffled every other mailbox, when no mailboxes we went light pole to light pole. Our Pax is quick, dare YHC say the 4 horseman are runners too, with weight or without.

With seconds to spare we made it to the starting point in less than an hour and further than normal.

Mission accomplished. We are building and improving.

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