Sandbags, Burpees, 100 Yard Movements

Because not one person Qd a workout that involved Burpees, we repeated the previous week.


Disclaimed. It started with 30 IC SSH; 30 IC DQ; 30 LBCs and some other stuff. Don’t remember those details.


Mosey around traffic circle though really only to get us to get us back near my vehicle. Issued 40# sandbag filler to each. Infil’d football field with painted lines. Objection: Keeping GREAT form (to reduce injury and this is not a race, but a workout) begin at north goal line and move to south goal line while maintaining form while executing Burpee with sandbag and upon standing back up with sb, squat one time and up to hurl bag down field. Remember: Not a race; Keep great form with every movement. At newly attained goal line, team executed 30 OYO BBSU; 30 IC LBCs; 50 IC FK. Upon completion, team moved back to the north goal line. Same executions and then made way to 50 yard line and completed what became the standard.


Exfil from operation area and returned to shovelflag. All pax accounted for.


Prayer Requests.





TClaps to Toga for posting to a Monday workout. His M is being induced Thursday at Memorial.

Remember, this is supposed to be “More than Just a Workout”. For that to sell, we got to not only believe it, but live it. Thanks for giving me this opportunity to lead you two. Twinkle out!

250 yards of movement Burpees with sandbags One could throw 40# at most 5 yards would have done 53 burpees total. But could have thrown less than 5 yards and gone a few more Burpees. CTHT 150 4ct IC flutter kicks for those doing the charity challenge

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