The Video Game Week begins with the Classics

To start off my “Theme Week,” I felt we should begin with the classics.  Video games from the 80’s would serve as my inspiration as the workouts were developed.  Disclaimer was administered, and so it begins…


MNC (ICx12), Chinooks (ICx20), 4ct Squats (ICx16), Merkins (ICx10), LBCs (ICx15), TTT (ICx15), Windmills (ICx15).

The Thang

PAX were instructed to mosey to the center of the parking lot.  The first video game we played was Centipede.  Instructions were to mosey back and forth following the parking lot lanes in a motion to the centipede.  YHC led the centipede through multiple obstacles.  We ended up at the picnic tables where the next game began, Q’Bert.  Similar to Q’Bert bouncing up and down the pyramid of cubes, the PAX did step-ups on the bench then top and back down, 40 steps total.  Mosey to the field.

Trivia question: which cam first Donkey Kong or Donkey Kong, Jr?  Answer determined which game we would play.  (You can look up the answer yourself).  PAX #1 (DK Jr) picks up 40lb bag and tossed it, like a barrel until he’d reached approximately 10 yards.  PAX #2 (Super Mario) picked up the 10lb Hammer and PAX #3 (DK) picked up the 60lb “Barrel.” Super Mario chased DK around the perimeter of the field, switching as necessary.  PAX #4 ran the barrel gauntlet leaping over the remaining PAX who were planking in the chill-cut fashion.  After DK Jr made it 10 yards, he rotated into the gauntlet.  Each PAX switched and had a chance at playing each character.

Deuce must have mentioned Galaga at least 5 times leading up to and during the workout, so YHC had to incorporate it some how.  The the mosey back to the flag was in the flying alien bug fashion from Galaga, looping around in circles while descending on the flag.

6MOM included a dealers choice of games.  We had to end the workout with Monkey Humpers, but YHC tried Gorilla Humpers and could quite figure it out.


Announcements, Prayer Requests, Pledge, (Forgot Countarama and Namearama).

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