The Monster Stack

YHC was in Hilton Head recently for work and posted with F3 Bluffton.  They did a Stack Workout which outright sucked (their backblast is here).  YHC figured this was a good workout to bring to Pooler.  Modified appropriately to correlate with Halloween.

Weather Conditions:  38 degrees


Through the Tunnels * 15 IC

Don Quixote’s * 15 IC

Imperial Walkers * 20 IC

MNC * 15 IC

Michael Phelps while disclaimer was given

The Thang

Mosey to the coupons.  Grab 1 cinder block per PAX.  Position coupons in front of the stadium entrance.  The Stack is a pyramid-like workout that builds upon itself each round.  Round 1, perform the 1st exercise.  Round 2, perform exercises 1 and 2.  Round 3, perform exercises 1, 2, and 3.  And so on until all rounds are complete, or time expires.  Run a lap around the parking lot island between cycles.

The Halloween Theme was to “B MONSTERSS” (the final S was required to get to 10 exercises)

Exercise 1:  Burpees * 10

Exercise 2:  Merkins * 20

Exercise 3:  Overhead Presses with coupon * 30

Exercise 4:  Nice Biceps * 40 (Curls with the coupon, but Curls did not start with N)

Exercise 5:  Squats * 50 (coupon not required)

Exercise 6:  Taps * 60 (shoulder taps, each side is 1 count)

Exercise 7:  Eddie Mercuries * 70 (Freddy’s estranged cousin)

Exercise 8:  Russian Twists * 80 (American Hammers, but AH doesn’t start with R)

Exercise 9:  Small Baby Arm Circles * 90

Exercise 10:  Side Straddle Hops * 100

Deuce got furthest in the stack. Time expired during his 9th cycle.  YHC finished 7 cycles, which I think was about average with the other PAX.


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Flat Tire’s daughter has been awesome in helping design the first F3 Pooler shirt.  Proposal is out on GroupMe.  Need to decide on final tweaks by Wednesday.

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