Flippin’, Floppin’, & Rotatin’

There wasn’t really an intro for today’s workout … YHC just likes using log flipping for a timer.

Weather Conditions:  57 deg F, 75% humidity, dark


Disclaimer given

SSH * 30 IC

Don Quixote * 15 IC

TTT * 15 IC

Moroccan Nightclub * 15 IC

The Thang

4 Stations, 2 PAX per station

Station 1 – The Timer

Coupons:  1 log, 1 40 lb sandbag

Outbound Leg:

1 PAX flips the log the length of 2 light pole spans (~50 yards)

1 PAX throws the sandbag in the same direction as the log flip

Flip Flop the PAX for the return leg


Station 2 – Deep Thoughts with Cindy

Coupons: 6 cinder blocks

1st exercise during outbound leg

  • Deep Squats: Stand one foot each on a cinder block, hold a 3rd block from the middle support.  Squat so that the bottom of the block goes past the bottom of your feet.

2nd exercise during return leg

  • Abyss Merkins:  1 cinder block for feet to rest on, 1 cinder block per hand.  Merkins but go deep such that your chest is below the plane of the top of the cinder blocks


Station 3 – Modify the Plan for Safety

Coupons: 1 log

1st exercise during outbound leg

  • 2 PAX hold the log, do overhead presses alternating shoulders

2nd exercise during return leg

  • 2 PAX on their 6 with the log on their chest.   Press the log synchronized vertically.  (For safety reasons, this was modified after the first round)

Modified 2nd exercise during return leg

  • 2 PAX hold the end of the log from below and perform bent over rows.


Station 4:  1 on 1 with Cindy

Coupons: 2 cinder blocks

1st exercise during outbound leg

  • Kettle Swings with 1 cinder block

2nd exercise during return leg

  • Clean & Press with 1 cinder block


Rotate stations after both legs are completed

1.5 cycles were completed in the allotted time.


Count-a-Rama (9), Name-a-rama

FNG Introduction – Welcome Door Jam!


  • Pooler Shirt – One final modification required to adhere to F3 branding standards.  Group decided to not use the F3 logo on back left shoulder.
  • 11/18 – Pooler vs Savannah F3 Flag Football Match

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