Trail Run Shuffle

Weather Conditions:  51 degrees, 95% humidity

5 PAX showed



Chinooks * 20 IC

Imperial Walkers * 15 IC

TTT * 15 IC

Don Quixote’s * 12 IC

Dive Bombers * 5

Disclaimer given



Shuffled 1.35 miles with headlights CCW on a trail loop that took us behind the recreation center, out onto Carrie Rd (where we stopped for 30 driveway merkins OYO), and then back to the flag using DQ and Brady Bunch’s trail.

F3 Shuffle 11.10.2017

Once arriving back at the flag the ab workout began:

Flutter Kicks * 15 IC

Boat Canoes * 6

Batman Crunches * 16 (8 each side)

LBCs * 40 OYO

After abs we repeated the previous shuffle with merkins, but in the CW rotation and added a few extra steps in the parking lot to make time.

F3 Shuffle 2 11.10.2017

Total distance: 2.8 miles (4.5k)




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