Beat down on the farm


5 Pax overcame a road closure and gloom for YHC’s VQ. Just like working on a farm, we rise early and work hard.

53 degrees 88% humidity


Disclaimer given

Through the tunnel x10

Imperial walkers x15

Chinooks x10 and reverse x10

The Thang

Picked up Cindy’s, (we were already there since we had to mosey from the Y parking lot due to the roadblock). Set up 3 stations at islands. Station one was loading hay on a wagon (Hay Bailers) which were lifting a Cindy from about knee level and across the body overhead. Simulating picking up a bail of hay. Each side x20 and follow with 30 merkins.

Old McDonald had a duck on the farm , so we duck walked to the next station. It’s hard being a duck.

Station two consisted of outlaws on our six.  x10 each way and 30 LBC’s.

There was a bear on the farm , so bear clawing to the next station was in order.

Colt 45’s were the third station since every farm hand has a weapon. (15 Cindy curls at different angles x3 = 45 curls)

Mosey back to station one.

Repeated until all PAX had completed 3 circuits. Some did more.


Countarama and Namearama

Announcements: Shirt has been approved by Corporate, orders soon. Prayers for One Direction’s family and their hardships

Pledge to Flag




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