Just another Manic Monday, torched was passed after YHC went to sleep, accepted

The song playing on the bob and tom radio show, quickly went to Summer of 69, the majority of the 6 pax that showed were not alive during the summer of 69, but from the history books Apollo 11 was landed on the moon and a bunch of other stuff happened read about, quite interesting summer.  No FNG’s made it but Blue Hen did come, crush it and challenged ole’ rainbow row during our dashing sessions.



Feeling love, Michael Phelps IC 15


Mountain Climbers IC 15

Don Quxito IC 21

Merkins IC 15

4 Count squats IC 15


The Thang

We fellowship strolled over to the football field closest to us, dodging land minds. We did variations of BLIMPS down the field. Bear Craws 10 yards, Lunges 10, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank Jacks, Squats, rinse, bear crawls, Lunges, partner up whose says we don’t walk on our hands, wheel barrow ten yards then bang out 5 incline merkins switch, squats, then bear crawled to the end. Not wort repeating so we moseyed.

Arriving at the pull up bars, once we were there the landing strip was to wet, and YHC didn’t want to be a dirty Q, so we pulled out and keep rolling to the swing set. If you can’t do it you can’t Q it, personal favorite, YHC called 5×5, however if you can’t get the 5 pull ups in a row and you let go, drop down do a a burpee and then jump up for your pull up, once complete do 5 merkins, then 25 LBC’s. Again rinse repeat at least twice, some pax knocked out three rounds in the time others did two.

Moving on, we mosey’d to the benches, for 69 dips, and two rounds of 10x10x10. 33 dips, 10 inclines, 10 declines and 10 regulars.  Then 100 flutter kicks, 36 dips, 10 box ups, 10 clock step ups, 10 butt to bench squats. While everyone was thinking we were done, the Q, said 31 dips, but why the pax asked, one of our regulars when not kicking oysters, Matlock, likes to connect with the number, so YHC broke it down, What is 69 plus 31, the day of the month YHC was born. For  total of Hundo a number the 1st Q taught us.

We moseyed with minutes to spare, and did medium distance interval runs around the circle, 12 to six, or half semi-circles if you will give me that liberty.

Once returning to the flag, we did 25 Freddy Mercury’s each leg then 11 burpees, the beat down was excessively weak.


Call the Pax, tesxt the pax, however you communicate we need to our large groups up, If you want the Q signe up for the Q and don’t freaking miss you own Q.


Be true to yourself, it is easier not lie outward if you are not lying to yourself.

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