Three stooges sing country music 🎶

43 degrees 76% humidity and Breezy

Three Pax braved VQ#2 in the gloom. Parked near the playground and meandered to the start.


Moroccan night clubs X15

Through the Tunnels X15

Imperial Walkers X15

The Thang

Old McDonald had a goat 🎶.  Mountain goats (in mountain climber position, climb 1,2,3, then kick legs in the air like a goat) OYO x 20

Then the real music started with a tune by Tammy Wynette “Stand by your man 🎶“ PAX began with 10 merkins then jumped up to 10 deep squats. X10 until 100 each finished. Ran big circle around lot to start.

No country music is complete without some Johnny Cash ring of fire. PAX layed on their six doing LBC’s while one PAX did side straddle hops x 20. Continue to do LBC’s with alternating PAX side straddle hops until the circle was completed twice. It was a burning ring of fire. Ran big circle around lot to start.

Another round of Johnny Cash with PAX holding the Plank position while one PAX did Side straddle hops. Repeat until circled twice as before. Ran big circle around lot to start.


Pledge of allegiance , announcements, ended with Prayer


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