F3 Championship Football

16 folks made it to a early sun raise game, with some high expectations the Pax had their 2nd annual football game against the siamese cities Pooler vs Savannah.
Warning while waiting on Savannah’s key players UGA V and Hamm.

Burpees OYO 10
Imperial walkers IC 15
Mountain climbers IC 16
Wind mills IC 11

The Thang

Flag football, loose rules, but our flag football champion deuce set up a field filled with swampy smelling grass, fertilizer and somewhat fair lines. Though the field seemed tilted for Pooler, who continually made up rules that really didn’t help or disadvantage either team.

It was fun, touch downs occurred, few interceptions, lots of ptiches, ball juggling, completions, laughter, one cheerleader, couple tweaked muscles, possibly another broken finger @UGA V let us know…
Quite sure all three F’s were experienced.

At coffeeteria YHC brought up the idea to Hamm about potentially moving the Saturday Spark to Forsyth, only if we find a coffeeteria that serves real meat, though Tofu would have loved the leaky bean. Pro’s for Forsyth are it’s visibility to the community, and arrival ease of surrounding AO’S would make it more convenient for some Pax, and we could also go grocery shopping for M’s at the Farmer’s market. That lead a speak easy to Doughboy, Deuce said he would only come if Q’ing…so ponder this with your Pax, over the next few weeks, every 3rd Saturday of the month meet at Forsyth. If we have participates great if not reset Spark to daffin confinment.

Tentively schedule 12/16/17 to be at Forsyth where we may or may not play football, if we do line up count of 1, 2, 3, 4 even’s play odds so Savannah’s Pax doesn’t teach Pooler too much about ego and humbling thy self.

Prayers for One direction, and Guppy.

Job exploration if you have ever thought about a career in being a mover, go-for-it, we are having a special opportunity on the afternoons of 11/25, 11/26 and 11/27. Contact Salmonella, aka Matt Tharpe 656-5198




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