All Elevens

It was a brisk morning to start the week for the pax.  Most of the pax soon regretted their lack of gloves in the cool temperature.  Theme was elevens as hinted by the COP.  Workout as follows to best of memory:

COP: SSH x 11, Morrrocan night clubs x 11, Chinnoks x 11, Don Quixote’s x11, Mountain Climbers x 11

Moseyed to the football field

1st set of elevens: merkins and plank jacks with bear crawl 10 yards between across the football field

2nd set: Big boy sit ups and reverse crunches with lunging 10 yards between back down the football field

Moseyed to the swings

3rd set: pull-up and squats (modifying with burpees to replace pull-ups as needed)

Moseyed to the picnic tables

4th set: tricep dips and incline merkins

Moseyed back to the flag

5th set: futter kicks and LBC in cadence

Final 11 count with legs at 6 inches above the ground


Countarama, namarama, pledge, and COT


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