A 4 Corner Well Oiled Machine

As most of the workouts that YHC has Q’d go, this one looked much better on paper and was supposed to have a nice flow, high intensity, and operating like a well oiled machine rotating through the stations. It mostly wasn’t, but we were all still complaining, hurting at the end, and breathing hard. Primary mission was accomplished.

Conditions:  51 deg, humidity ~90%, foggy, and wet ground thanks to the storms last night


SSH * 30 IC

T^3 * 13 IC

Don Quixote * 12 IC

Chinooks * 10 each way IC

Imperial Walkers OYO while disclaimer was given

The Thang

Mosey around the stadium to the back parking lot and then onto the practice field next to the stadium.

Break into 2 groups … 1 of 3, and 1 of 4.  The 4 man group would have 1 PAX modify at Station 1 since there was a lingering hamstring injury.

4 corner station exercises and transitions between said stations was established.  Stations were roughly 50-60 yards apart.

Station 1: Monkey Rolls – old high school football drill … see video here.  Note that the execution of this by F3 Pooler is slightly less coordinated.  Luckily we didn’t have video evidence of this. (Moleskin – the groups possibly spent more time figuring out what a Monkey Roll was rather than executing.  Q demonstration should have been better)

Station 1-2 Transition:  Broad Jumps

Station 2:  Back2Back Wall Sits – 2 groups of 2 or 1 group of 3

Station 2-3 Transition:  Bear Crawls

Station 3:  Cinder Block American Hammers with 3 partners in circle.  Seated back 2 back, move the cindy from right to left, then drop for the PAX next to you to pick up.  Reverse direction after ~1 minute.

Station 3-4 Transition:  Lunges

Station 4:  Merkin Fives – Get in a staggered line facing each other in high plank.  As a group do a merkin together.  To ensure full extension up, the PAX will give each other a five with one hand at the top of each merkin.

Station 4-1 Transition:  3 Tiered Suicide

Perform each station for 2 minutes until all PAX have completed a cycle.

Converge in the middle between all 4 stations.  Circle up for Burpamid.  Do a burpee with 1 merkin, do a burpee with 2 merkins, do a burpee with 3 merkins, and so on until 10 merkins are done with the 10th burpee.  Then go back down.  Should equal 19 burpees and 100 merkins.

Repeat another cycle of the stations.  Time remaining allowed for only 1 minute per station for the second cycle.  Monkey Rolls were rough looking.


Count, Names, Announcements, Pledge, Prayer

Think about using F3 as a recruiting tool for men with New Years Resolution’s to workout in 2018.  Mention that the group accountability will help them stick with their workout resolution so they don’t fail by February.

Prayers for our brothers who are hurting or battling through life’s struggles, and for those with students getting ready to hear back from college’s soon.  Stressful times for students and parents alike.

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