Round Robin Jacob’s Ladder

3 PAX wandered if any others were going to show and figured we had a quorum to begin at the stated time.

YHC brought us from out under the shelter into the moist dew grass and began our time with a quick disclaimer.


  • MNC; HB; Chinooks; DQ; Squat; and maybe a few others. Oh yeah, FK. All done IC and to an absurd count.


Round Robin Jacob’s Ladder

3 stations with a 45# ruck plate (legs), a 20# ruck plate (arms and shoulders) and ab station.


Run a .25 mile (which we did only because red ryder was no on site).

Plank and shoulder taps


Apparently Hillbillies are also known as sideways Imperial Walkers to some of our Qs.

Prayed for One Direction

Praised for Guppy’s return and their new daughter.

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