Friday Fun Lunge

42 degrees, rain
3 Pax shook off the magnetism of the fart sack and showed up in the gloom. Found a dry spot to huddle and off we went.
Imperial Walkers, tunnels, Don Quixote’s, Moroccan Night clubs X 15
The Thang
Four stations with lunges mixed in between. As many as can be done in 20 minutes.
Begin with SSH x 20, Burpees X10,
Lunges to station #2
SSH x 20, Merkins x 30,
Lunges to Station #3
SSH x 20, LBCx30
Lunges to station #4
SSH x 20, Mountain climbers x 40
Mosey to start,
Rinse, repeat,
All completed 4 cycles, some did 4.5.
Circled up for Pax choice of Marys. American hammers x 30, Superman x 15, Flutter kicks x 15, LBC’s x 20, Boat canoe x 15, Freddy Mercurys x 15, sit ups x 20, Alphabet soup,
Announcements, Pledge, Prayer.

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