Unofficial unscheduled unnamed

Date: December 7, 2017

Conditions: 50 deg F, 100% humidity, light rain

YHC has rucked only one time prior to today. When asked if I’d participate in Pooler, my only excuse was the lack of rucking equipment. I have not diversified my portfolio by investing in GoRuck yet, so had to improvise. The internet suggested that sandbag pills could easily be made. So I took an extra bag of the kids sandbox sand and made a 20 lb pill and a 12 lb pill. The internet did not tell me that the pills would not be very compact, or very good looking.  I was only able to fit the 20 lb one and a single brick in my pack.  And by pack, I mean old laptop backpack.


Deuce and Doughboy showed up with GR1s … definitely the way to go.

The three of us rucked 3.2 miles in 57 minutes. The rain held off, only light rain for about 5 minutes during the ruck.


Discussions on making this a regular workout ensued, on either Tuesday or Thursday, but not both.  Naming the workout would be required.  We quickly converged on an Australian theme as Deuce referred to the ruck as a walkabout.  Stay tuned.

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