12 days of Christmas and a rhomboid flare up

Temps were low.  Motivation was low.  YHC signed up to Q and spread the word the 12 days of Christmas workout was on the horizon.  The hope was to motivate the men of Savannah to have a festive morning workout and ignore the cold weather and rain that had fallen the previous 36 hours.  4 brave souls showed up.  During the workout, YHC came to the conclusion that the 12 days workout sucked, was hard, and that was probably why no one showed up.

The Thang:

Short Warmup
15 imperial walkers IC
20 through the tunnel IC
20 merkins IC

The 12 days:
Progressive ladder workout.  Pax does day 1, then day 2 and day 1, then day 3 – day 2 – day 1, and so on all the way to day 12.  This is the first in 3 years the workout made it through day 12.  A few modifications were made to keep backsides off the ground, which literally had about 2 inches of standing water upon sitting in it.  There were a few design flaws YHC pointed out around day 7 and 8.  I’ll leave the reader to decide what those were.

Day 1 – Bear Crawl 25 yards and walk back
Day 2 – 12 Merkins oyo
Day 3 – 3 Manmakers oyo
Day 4 – 4 Plank twist jumps ic
Day 5 – 5 Burpees (buh buh bump bump) oyo
Day 6 – 6 imperial walkers ic
Day 7 – 7 hillbillies ic
Day 8 – 8 jump squats oyo
Day 9 – 9 Mahktar Ndjiayes ic
Day 10 – 10 standing lunges, each leg oyo
Day 11 – 11 mountain climbers ic
Day 12 – 12 dive bombers oyo

BOM, pledge, prayer

Great to meet Coal Ash from the uptown Charlotte region.  You still owe yourself the first two days.  Always impressive to see other men workout with us while they are on vacation.  I hope this backblast earns you your well-deserved wagered lunch

Red Ryder asked for a feet friendly workout.  I think he got it.  We literally went .4 miles and bear crawled half of that distance.

Doughboy found the one pile of dog poo with his hand this morning.  Well earned.

Great coffeeteria with DB and RR at the breakfast place.  Solid strategy for January was discussed, cures for plantar fasciitis, and the worst thing about running a marathon.  Hashbrowns were on point.

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