Cold Leg’s of fire

30 degrees, clear
6 pax endured the cold for some leg punishment in the Monday gloom. Didn’t take long to warm up the quads.
Tunnels, Don Quixote’s, Moroccan Night clubs, Chinooks X 15
The Thang
Four stations with lunges mixed in between. As many as can be done in 20 minutes. (Sounds like Friday’s Q but with a few twist)
Begin with SSH x 20, Burpees X5,
Lunges to station #2 with Cindy
SSH x 20, Overhead Cindy press x 20,
Lunges to Station #3 with Cindy
SSH x 20, Cindy curls x30
Lunges to station #4 with Cindy
SSH x 20, Mountain climbers x 40
Mosey to start,
Rinse, repeat, X 3
Paired up, did suicide repeat of above with Pax #1 farmer carrying both cindys to station while pax #2 lunges. At each station, pax switch activities on return.( Sharing the Lunge love). Survived 3 stations before time ran out.
By my calculations. That was roughly 30 Burpees, 320 Side straddle hops, 80 Overhead presses,160 Mountain climbers, and 120 curls and A whole lotta lunges.
Announcements, Pledge, Prayer.

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